Sharing designs within the GF app

Greetings, I saw that this was asked a couple years ago and that thread is closed. Has any more thought been put into sharing designs between accounts that are registered to the same glowforge? Or simply allowing those designs to be emailed from within the app?
I often tinker and play to come up with something that works then my wife wants to be able to replicate that project… she doesn’t feel ip to tweaking etc… and would rather just plug and play.
I really don’t want to have to log in as her (violation of EULA) in order to configure the same thing I already did in my account. I also don’t want to just design it in her account even if that weren’t against the EULA.

I think that the default answer of give her the same upload file has been adequately answered as not a viable option.

So the question: is there a way to share now that I am somehow missing? And If there isn’t can you please come up with some way to do this?


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To the best of my knowledge GF has not implemented anything like this.

If you’d like to make this an “official suggestion” (again?) you need to create it under the Problems and Support category. Support doesn’t monitor these other categories. It doesn’t hurt asking :slight_smile:


The Glowforge UI is not a design application. It’s meant primarily for positioning existing designs that have been created in a design application, then imported/uploaded for printing. Think of it like a “printer driver” for scaling and controlling how your application puts ink onto paper.

That said, posting in P&S as a feature request won’t hurt.

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