She has arrived!

My new replacement GF has arrived! And she is quite beautiful… but the shipping box was all but destroyed upon arrival. On the surface, it had one large tear along one edge, but when I opened the box, it literally fell apart. But the packing of the machine is so good, I could find not one scratch on her, and she is operating flawlessly as we speak. Thank you, GF Support!


Great news, I think the shipping companies use trebuchets to transport :glowforge:s!


The only concern I would have is - since we have to save our boxes just in case we need to return them, would yours even be able to be used again to ship back the GF? If not, I would reach out because they might charge you the money for a new box.


So glad she arrived safely!


@trually , that’s a good point. @robermar36 perhaps you’d better take photos and contact Support. At least get the box condition documented with them.


Yeah, I’ll send them some pics. But, in all honesty, the first machine I got, I had no idea how to open it. The plastic locks threw me, and I just cut the box open, lol. I patched it back together with cardboard and duct tape when I had to send it back. This box is damaged, but not as bad as that first one I destroyed on my own.
After the initial sick feeling when I saw this box in the condition it arrived, I’m just really impressed that the packing is good enough to protect these machines as well as it does.


Back when I first got mine they said take picks of any damage and send them in before you plug it in.

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