She is calling to me from the kitchen!

So I excitedly received my :glowforge: today! I was seriously like a kid on Christmas Eve all morning until it arrived. My home office window is not in straight sight of the road so I kept a window open so I could hear for the 'ol diesel engine UPS truck. Seriously, I live in a pretty busy small city right near a public works depot so I was checking outside a few times thinking it was him, lol. When he did come I heard my wife yelling from across the house “He’s here, he’s here!” she came skipping with excitement. I was trying to play it cool by saying “Honey, calm down” :joy: I was so happy for the delivery guy coming I got him a nice cold bottle of water and a Dunkin Donuts gift card for hauling it (with my help) up to the porch. The main unit’s box wasn’t too badly damaged but one of the white box locks/handles were missing. My Proofgrade came too but unfortunately I didn’t get the Accessories package and the packing slip showed it (I already contacted support via email). It was on my email as the same tracking number as the :glowforge:. Is that what you guys had too? Just curious. So anyway it is sitting on a cart in my kitchen calling out to me. EVen if I had the tray and other things, I am trying to meet a file deadline for my publication so no touchy until finishing this! (So hard though) Soon I will be posting some :glowforge: action! GF_package


Lookin’ forward to it!



So sorry you have to continue to wait for the accessories before you can use it, even if your work was done.


Just got the support email and they sent me the correct tracking number for the box I am waiting for, should be here by end of day tomorrow. Now to get back to work!


Somewhere inside a California UPS hub there must be a stack of used plastic handles.


2 tracking emails here (my :proofgrade: and its tracking email showed up well ahead of my unit.)


Get crackin so you can get to the fun! Congrats!


Excellent! :tada:

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You got three handles? That’s one more than everyone else got. Jealous!


Yay! Congrats! Now, hurry up and finish so you can play!


well if you got one that is more than some of us, we haven’t even got our tracking numbers yet. :grinning:


How long of a gap was it? My Proofgrade arrived today, but still waiting on the tracking email for the Glowforge. Going crazy!



For what it’s worth, I got The Email on August 10th, my Proofgrade arrived last Monday August 21st, I got the tracking for the Glowforge on the 22nd, and it arrived the following Monday, the 28th. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Sorry, Tennessee!


Thanks for the dates! In the event that dates are following similar timelines, I must be getting closer. (Well, I guess technically that’s always true.) I got my first email on the 16th and replied the 17th and Proofgrade came in today, so that’s on a similar schedule to yours so far. Looking like I won’t get it in time for the 3 day weekend, but it may arrive on the same day Destiny 2 drops. Shouldn’t complain, though, because I’m getting a unit and it will keep me busy in the best kind of way. :smiley:


It was two weeks from when I responded to my “do you want it email” until it shipped and three weeks until I received my machine. I live five UPS shipping days from the factory. I think the proofgrade arrived the next week from when I said yes. I think it is speeding up for pros. Basics seem to be much faster.

I got the email on the 23rd and the :glowforge: with the :proofgrade: arrived today.(I’m in Maine) It looks as if my Accessories are going to arrive tomorrow.

Thanks for the info, @chris1, @caribis2 and @jonny_firebrand! I’ll stop hijacking this thread as I just got my notification that the :glowforge: has shipped. There is hope for this weekend!


No, they are for sale on Ebay in bulk.


Man, that sucks. Like buying a car and the dealership delivering it to you but mailing the keys next week…