She wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas



My fiancé loves hippos so…


What a great idea! Love it!

I just went to the San Diego Zoo recently and got this shot (not the world’s greatest shot, but I has a phone and the hippo passed by the glass):


Me likey. Very creative indeed!


I love the color change where the Hippo’s true outline is, while the outline grows both out and in. And I thank you for sticking that goofy song in my head.

“…but Teacher says a Hippo is a vegetarian…”


Very nice!! It looks hungry ( but not Hungry Hungry…) :grin:


We were just talking about hippos at home! My daughter has a limited vocabulary at 4yo so she uses what she has and trys to bridge the gap.

"Daddy, whats the horse that looks like a pig and eats the watermelon on on my iPad videos?"
A hippo?
"Yeah! What’s the hippo that looks like a mermaid?"
Umm…a manatee?
“Yeah! I like those!”


I love how about that age of they haven’t mastered pronunciation of certain syllables they throw one in they have.
Dad! At the zoo today I saw a big begwilla! And he was lookin’ right at me!!


Adorable! My grandson is also 4. They’re so much fun at that age!


Lol awesome. My wife also loves that song.


I wish we could bio engineer animals to stay tiny. Imagine a tiny hippo pet, 1 foot tall.