Shelves for Large Spice Containers

Haven’t posted a project in a while so here is a little something.

I used the Inkscape tabbed box extension and tweaked it. 5.2 mm (1/4” nominal) luan.

Nothing fancy or finished. Didn’t mask or even clean off the smudges from glue up and charred edges.

Pro Tip: one that has bitten me several times. When making a custom container for objects to fit into, measure them all. Not all of them may be the same size and if you are like me, you will always choose the smallest one as the exemplar. So large, commercial size spice containers aren’t all the same size. In the end I had to redesign a second one to fit the larger containers.



Or you can screw up like I did and make the ends wider than the bottom. That way the larger ones fit in the ends and the smaller in the middle :roll_eyes:

I wish I had thought of the great quote :frowning:


I should have put a different one on the second. There are some great biblical and Shakespeare quotes on spices and flavoring.

I told a joke in a homily once, riffing on the gifts of the three Magi. Of course in the Gospel of Matthew, the gifts are primarily theological rather practical. After they left, Mary remarked, “I do appreciate the sentiment of a gift of gold, frankincense and myrrh, but really, they traveled all that way from the east and didn’t bring saffron, pepper and nutmeg? I got a bunch of hungry shepherds to feed.”


“The Spice Must Flow”


Ha! Super fun!! I am not so sure about the smug look on that banana tho.


Like the quote too - and you used one of my favorite fonts.


Ha ha! got that right! When I made my thing to hold all my marking pens…looked great and most of the pens fit just fine…except…one certain group that had some weird appendage on the side that excluded them from the rest of their community. Coulda’ kicked myself for what was such a silly mistake.

These are great…smudges and all. And, the quote…perfect.


It looks like you need another already! Can never have enough spice storage.

Thanks for the file!


Very nice! I love a good practical project

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Do Sand Worms travel through gypsum? Only worry I’d have mounting spice on a wall… :wink:


Simple solutions to problems are best. I see two unrelated pieces am I missing something?

These projects always come with a weird voyeristic glimpse into other people’s pantries. “Caraway seed, eh… never figured he’d be one of those.”


I only posted the second iteration since the first only fit the round containers and a few of the rectangular ones.

Rye bread, braised cabbage, roast pork, and Milwaukee Pork Stew.

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Great to get them all corralled! Thank you for the share! I like the quote!


I was a bit concerned but once DL’d all the other pieces show up outside the declared page.

I can’t stand caraway seeds in anything. Except sauerkraut. Good sauerkraut requires them.


This makes me wonder. We have a slide out shelf for our spices in the cabinet next to the stove. It’s approx 20"x20" and holds the bulk of what we use. The problem is in the labeling. I’ll take a pic later but imagine 50+ spice containers (we love to cook) in 4-6 different colors. And that’s it. All you see is lids. No labels.

To find something, you’d better know where it is, or look at 50+ containers. If we put them on their side or at an angle, we lose space.

Anyone solved this with the GF? I thought about engraving the lids, but when you replace a spice, you’re engraving again. We tried a sharpie and writing on the lid, but many are dark blue or some are black, so that doesn’t work.


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Whiteout comes in cool pens that show up great on black. :grin: I used it to mark the crumb tray with inches and the maximum the laser will reach.

But I have a GF! I HAVE to make something! Or etch something!

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You can’t use the old lid on the new jar?