Shelves for Large Spice Containers

Carve out 50+ names and glue them to the tops of the spice things. If you use one up and cannot put the old top on the new spice … well you have a GF :grin:

If they are all metal, how about engraving names on sheet magnet (some of it comes with white on one side but make sure it’s not pvc). Then you could stick the magnets to the bottoms, and flip them all on their tops, which are often made of plastic. When you need a new spice you could shift the magnet to the new jar. Of course it would probably be easier to do this just by hand writing on the magnets, or printing on paper, but where’s the fun in that?

Good suggestions! I’ll probably go with the Wooden ones, a nice papyrus font should look good. :crazy_face:


Papyrus wouldn’t be inappropriate for spices.


Oh, I’m totally creating some tonight with Papyrus… :sunglasses: