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Hi everyone!! I’ve been having an issue with my images shifting when I go to engrave or cut it.

I have cleaned all of the sensors and the lenses and have been using the Set Focus tool, but it hasn’t seemed to help. I know because the camera location, there can be issues around the far edges but this one is directly under the camera.

I’d appreciate any advice you can give me!!

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This appears to me like your printhead was moved with the machine turned on. The fix is simply to turn it off and back on. When the printhead is moved with the machine turned on, the Glowforge loses track of the printhead’s location. Also, always use the set focus tool prior to placing your artwork. To center artwork on purchased items, it is often best to make a jig.


If you have done the Calibration, you need to use Set Focus before you move the Image to where it goes. When selected, a widget shows up in the bottom left corner that can give the real numbers of the location. For a situation as extreme as that you could see that the numbers are far off.

If you are centering in the middle of an Aura sheet the numbers would be 5.,5 , 5.5 (I think) but what ever the numbers, it is those numbers and not the image that rules.

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That piece looks like a small canvas covered panel. If so, it’s probably too thick for the camera to focus on, and you need to remove the crumb tray (or, if this is an Aura, the steel honeycomb), place your item directly on the bottom of the machine, and use Set Focus.


I tried the calibration and the set focus and I’m still having the issue. I might try to calibrate again and just see where that gets me. After the first calibration, it said there were no issues and no changes made.

The material in the image, is a small piece of basswood.

The lid camera calibration is not going to fix this issue. When you use the set focus tool, is the red beam landing squarely on the material in the center of the material?


I was having trouble yesterday with the design moving several millumeters from the intended location. I discovered that there was a less than a milllimeter drop when the piece was cut and it threw the focus number off that much by not using the Set Focus on the piece itself.

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