Shimmer rose Eco Iron-on

Has anybody had success ironing down the Shimmer Rose Econ Iron-on material? I’ve been having some trouble. I’m making some gifts with iron-on on canvas bags, and had no trouble with the white, the black, and the blue. But this shimmer rose absolutely refuses to iron down, using the same iron settings as the others. I’ve already ruined one canvas item trying.

I was using the recommended temperature range (320-330F) and pressing time (15 seconds), and when that didn’t work I repeated (no success), then tried higher temp. Nope.

Any tips?


In my experience all the shimmers need more time at once (I’m using 40 sec at 350) as they’re much thicker


I will try that and report back!


Well, I tried your suggestion but had no success. I tried with higher temp and longer time, as well as the recommended conditions, on both t-shirt material and canvas, and that stuff will not stick to anything. I’m going to post on the Discord help channel and see what they have to say.

Meanwhile I scored the graphic again on standard red Eco-iron and finished the project. That stuff irons down just fine.


Okay, I posted in the Discord help channel, and they suggested trying 400F and 15 seconds. I tried it and it worked, for all the shimmer materials (rose, gold, and silver). So I advise anyone using shimmer Eco iron-on to jack up the temperature to 400F.


Very good to know…thank you!


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