Shipment Date on Account Page Disappeared


The date for shipment on my account page is gone. It used to be 10/23/2017. It only lists the filter now.



Mine is gone too. I suspect a recalculation is afoot.


Mine still shows.


Same here. I think it’s true for all remaining PRUs.



Nope. Have a date. Not an accurate date, but a date none the less.


No thanks. I prefer prunes!


i have a date.

but for those who don’t, are you all people with filters? i have no filter.


I’ve been told I have no filter and that’s why I can’t get a date.


that’s weird. i definitely have a (changed) date. no filter.


He’s pulling your leg. Read it again.


i’m reading and half paying attention to a conference call. obviously only half paying attention to reading, too. :wink:


I got a new date - shipping notification is now one day later then it was before. shouldn’t have refreshed. I thought if anything, it would be faster, but I guess I have not learned…


Be lucky its only one day. Mine was pushed one MONTH!

We never learn…


From the comments on the forum and @dan’s last post on the subject they’re about evenly split between people who moved up & those who moved back. I’m pretty sure that’s why they called it an “estimate” and said it could move in either direction.

But sometimes it’s hard to read what’s said vs what’s wanted.

(And I have no date. Want to trade?)


When our account pages were first updated with The Date, my page showed TWO Pro units. I ordered just one.

Today, it shows a single Pro as I would expect, but my date got pushed out 1 day.


When the web developers make a mistake…

This never gets old.


Mine is now listing a date over two weeks later.



My date disappeared as well.


I’m a dateless wonder, but I think that’s true for all/most PRU peeps.