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[International Shipment: How accurate is the latest estimation?]


This is :cold_sweat:for people in Asia and the rest of the world, and I’m in Hong Kong.

I had been patient and also made some complaints before in this forum.

I don’t want to complain anymore, and there is no reply!!! I just want Glowforge to be more serious about this, and to be more responsible and handle it in a better manner. And be more informative.

-First of all, please list out the countries that Glowforge is still working on with any custom related issues.
-Second, Please look into the two factories progress, and how much they are ready to deliver for the rest of the world.
-Third, put this two information together to generate a more accurate estimation of the shipment by location and production readiness…because I’m pretty sure many of us are tired of this never stopping delay and shipment dates shifts further away each time it nears the estimated one.

-Fourth, if the first one is the reason that holds up or cannot be ship into certain countries or cities, please handle it in a separate manner, notify these buyers, so they can choose to refund or to change shipment location. So these people are not just blindly waiting for nothing for who knows how many more years.

All those monthly updates and estimations are pointless if there’s still a majority of buyers who had waited for over 3 years, especially those who are early birds, but still haven’t received it and have no idea when we can receive it…since the estimation date provided is just a false estimation. So please, do something about the information you got and be more transparent about it to us.

And for an alternative production line, please look for overseas factories to produce your machines. …


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