Shipment without notification


Have you guys ever had machines delivered without any notification saying your machine is on its way or anything of the sort?

Im in a bind as today one of the three machines i ordered suddenly showed up without any email notifications prior to shipment or delivery. I was away at the time and advised the driver and he took the machine back and wrote down send back to shipper. Obviously i need the machine. Had the standard practices of sending emails and notifications advising that it was being sent to us had been followed like all my other machines i could have been prepared to receive it. First time out of approximately 10 machines that this happens.

Any advise or help? Called ups no help

a friend, a neighbor anyone to receive machine and put it in a safe location?
glowforge did this to me, and shipped a machine when I told them I would be out of town.

PS: UPS is supposed to make THREE delivery attempts before returning to shipper!

Yes, that has happened a few times that I know of.

Glowforge gets the notification from the manufacturer and relays it to the customer. If you sign up for a UPS account, you will get an email from them as soon as they issue a tracking number, which I think happens before they notify glowforge.

I did not receive any notification from Glowforge. I did from UPS.

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