Shipping a GlowForge

Shipping a GlowForge that I just sold. If I remember correctly, the crumb tray came in a separate box in a separate delivery! Have any of you on the forum sold and shipped your glow forge and how did you handle the crumb tray? I have all the original packing material and the original security screws for the internals is there anything I’m missing? Thank you, Brian

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Yes the tray, hose, and cord were shipped separately. I think you’d want to still do that so the tray doesn’t crack the glass from the inside!

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Thank you! Now I have to fashion a box for the tray and attach it to the OG box.


I just shipped mine from the US to Japan. I added a layer of thick foam on the lid, wrapped the crumb tray up in a couple of beach towels and put it on top. It fit perfectly in the middle. Then i topped with bubble wrap, boxed it up, and kept my fingers crossed for 2 months until it arrived.

It survived the mover who set it vertically, then a two month trek on a boat, and then the final set of movers who miraculously brought it up 2 very narrow staircases to the 3rd floor of my house.

I think the key is luck-and making sure there is enough padding between the lid and the tray. And also fill up any spaces you can with padding. My biggest fear was a bouncing crumb tray smashing the lid after hitting a speed bump.

Edit: just a note, i was shipping this to myself, no sales. So… if i were you, probably use a separate box to protect the sale.


One alternative is to change the “sandwich” order - put the tray under the GF.

What I did when I would move it without the box was to put a piece of 1/4" plywood that was just slightly larger than the GF and after wrapping the GF in a moving blanket I put the ply on top and then wrapped the bundle in another moving blanket (and then cling wrapped the whole thing in one big bundle that went into the trunk of the car).


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