Shipping address change?

Hello Glowforge support:

I received a email with a tracking number for my glowforge material package.

however UPS is reporting the address was changed by glowforge on the Jan 2, 2017 (the scheduled day for delivery). Why was it shipped to Texas first? And do you have the correct address now?

I have not receive a email about the tracking of the glowforge itself, however I am now concerned there maybe an address issue. Will it also go to Texas first?

** Also note I made a mistake in my email to In it I had the wrong street name. I sent in another email with the right street name. So now I am double concerned. (When I responded to my “golden ticket” it did have the right address)**

Thanks for letting us know!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.