Shipping Address Requests



This is more of a request than a question…

I understand there will be an e-mail requesting shipping information when the time comes. I’m worried about spam filters or just not noticing that request. Can we please get the same request by PM here as well?


I can’t imagine them sending out 10,000 private messages over the course of the initial rollout (plus many buyers are not on the forums). And I’m guessing that rather than replying with an address by email, we will be referred to an online form to submit.

Perhaps helpful would be to find out what address the email will be coming from and marking that as whitelisted. Or, whitelisting the Glowforge domain.


If you have been receiving there other emails, I don’t think you should have a problem.

I can see them having an announcement to say shipping has started here, along with all the “OMG THEY ARE SHIPPING” threads that will pop up. I doubt they will send a PM to everyone, especially because this is an optional forum.


I bet we will have folks post in the forum as those emails come in :smile:


Thanks for the great suggestion! I don’t know if we can do that, but will investigate. The best bet is to add to your addressbook.



Thanks! Knowing the address it’s coming from will be a huge help. Won’t get it confused with forum posts and accidentally miss it.

However, the cybersecurity specialist in me hates the idea of a company requesting personal information over e-mail. It’s very much frowned upon in today’s climate of cyberattacks.


Maybe the email will contain a link to a secure web page where you fill out your personal information.


That’d be much better. :slight_smile:


I will add you now. Wouldn’t want to miss out on that email…


now I realize that everybody here, like 10,000 people and more, can say that they have Dan’s email address.
Still, @dan is definitely the highest profile individual in my contacts.
Feels kind of cool. I get just a bit starstruck when Dan responds to any of my posts, too. Maybe I don’t get out much, and maybe I’m the only one. Still. Looking forward to that email, not only for the giddy feeling that somebody fameish is emailing me, but, well, obviously the wait will be over.


I envy you. I’ve been emailed by both Presidential Candidates, the CEO of several Insurance companies, Senators, Congress persons, and Ed McMahon.


Probably got more personal mail from both candidates than I could ever count. Not a lot of emails tho.


I get calls that I won a cruise. Oh and I got money coming from a Nigerian politician. Will be a millionaire next year. Haha :slight_smile:

At least the stacks of junk mail in the real mailbox should get a bit smaller now.


Better would be just an email to tell us to log on to our account, no embedded link. Any included link could easily go to faked/spoofed website.


Just make sure you type (or copy/paste) the link rather than clicking it. And make sure it’s not to as well … :wink:


There’s a nice group of folks that might be from India who want to help me get rid of virii on my PC. None of them are famous, though.