Shipping Address

I put in my pre-purchase and it the website took my Credit Card info and my Zip Code, but it never asked for my address. Please provide me with the “warm fuzzy” that I need to hear that I will actually be getting this tool I just paid for since you never asked me where I live. Thanks

We’re going to send an email right before your Glowforge is ready to ship to get your address so we can be sure it goes exactly where you want it.

Fun fact: 10% of the US population moves each year. : )


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I’m guessing that’s also when you’ll ask us for the Billing info? The reason I’m asking, @dan, is because, my company is going to change in December to a different type and the billing info is going to be different.

You pay for it when you preorder, and then when its ready to ship they will ask for the address.
Months and Months away