Shipping Box Handle question


So I have “Count Zap-ula” all packaged up for shipment back to headquarters for RCA investigation and had a question on the handles. In my case, all the handles were still attached to the box when I got it, but some of them were a bit damaged (the two halves separated on removal). I ended up just taping them back in place after installing, for future shipments, is there an equivalent handle I can get as a replacement?


I too had a damaged handle and 2 were missing


That’s a good question. I only had one handle left. If I were to need to send it back it’d be great to have the other three.


Same for me asI just shipped mine back today with just the 2 handles and taped the bottom the the box to keep it closed.


Mine arrived with zero handles.


I asked support about replacement packaging, and they told me the stock “it’ll cost you $200 for a replacement box, so don’t lose it.”

If you just want the handles, I know where you can order them in lots… I’d be willing to buy a lot and resell them for $5 + shipping… :smiley:

Judging from the photos I’ve seen, I found some that look about right. You might be able to get replacement handles… in lots of 1000 for about $115 from some Chinese suppliers. I would argue that $115 is a small price to pay for having 997 spare clips when you might have to send your Glowforge back for tube replacement service, rather than having it get trashed on the return trip.

In the mean time, I’d just use extra packing tape or twine around the box.


Only one handle survived the trip on mine.

And I’m an idiot because I followed the instructions to the letter: remove the handle locks and lift the lid. LIFT! Nothing moves. PULL!! Nothing. HARDER! Nope. UGHNNHHNNN STRUGGLE!

Whew. Okay, deep breath. Assess the situation…

Turns out there’s tape on the bottom seam, too. :neutral_face:


I would pay a nominal fee(Is it $5 each, or $5 for a set of 4?), just to have them, in case my machine goes on the fritz… 3 of mine were missing.



2 handles here, too. When I received mine in the very beginning of August, I sent a note to support and said that if they were a packaging requirement to sending the GF back, for whatever reason, would they please make note that two of mine were missing. I’ve heard this mentioned by several folks on here, so since it seems to be a ‘normal’ condition, they must be making some compensation for that.


That’s a good question. My box was missing two of the plastic handles as well. It’s hard to keep what you never got. I’ll keep the box, all the innards, and the two handles that did arrive. But I don’t feel it should be my responsibility to buy two more handles since it arrived without them.


Can we laser new handles?


In theory, yes … though if you’re shipping the box back, your laser is probably out of commission.


Well, or you’re doing a third-party tube replacement because you don’t like messing around with it yourself.


On one of the emails that has been copy and pasted on the Facebook group regarding a return, the suggestion was to box it up and tape over where the missing handles are.


I am sure I could 3D print something to fill the hole. They are probably made from polypropylene and I can print that.


Thank you for the feedback on the packaging everyone. Don’t worry! Like @jbmanning5 said, in case you ever need to send your Glowforge back to us, you can tape over where those handles are missing.

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