Shipping boxes for PG

I received a big order (about 35 pieces) this week. It was packed in two boxes, but I don’t think the boxes it shipped in are quite the right design nor packed as well as they could be. Thankfully no dinged corners, but I thought I’d point out what I think could be done better that shouldn’t add much, if any, expense.

First, there was only one small sheet of pillows in each box (all of which were flat when they got to me). There was a lot of sliding around Lois in the boxes.

Second, the flaps on the end of the boxes don’t overlap at all, which significantly affects the structural integrity of the boxes (see photos). This probably contributed to the sliding around and flat pillows.



Poor Lois. All that sliding.


Thank you for the pictures and thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.