Shipping boxes made with pass through slot

I started experimenting with building my own custom boxes out of uhaul cardboard to ship stuff on eBay. Here is an 18”x13”x5” made using the pass through slot. Using a score setting at 500 speed, 30 power, 0.15” focus, you can score the cardboard just enough to bend the corners and the flaps. For a smaller 10.5”x8.5”x7” I built it in 2 pieces with an extra 2” flap on one end of each piece to hot glue together. For this larger one I built it in 4 pieces with a 2 inch flap on one end of each to glue together. After drafting it once, it’s fairly fast to cut and assemble.

This is what the files look like. I used an art board close to the size of a sheet of cardboard that fits within camera view and still has enough clearance to use honeycomb pins to secure the piece. I design my boxes to fit within that window.


Very nice and good to have the settings details.

However Glowforge insists that settings for non proofgrade stuff go beyond the manual so I am assisting you to get it there.


Thank you! I posted late last night and completely forgot about that category lol

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Excellent job on the boxes! I use my pass through for shipping packages around the holidays too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome! I would always use oversized boxes and then remembered I have a laser now lol

Great! Much nicer than using over-sized.

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