Shipping charge

Haven’t bought anything in a while so am wondering what happened to free shipping over $100. Did I miss something?

Thing of the past. No more free shipping.

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Well, that stinks, free was nice, oh well…

Can you imagine how those of us who live in other countries feel? Shipping charges outside the US are enormous.


Oh yea, been there…

Yeah, I wasn’t sure so ordered $100 worth just to test the system. $10 shipping but the box matches the material and packaging well. 14.5"x 24" box for 12"x20" acrylic sheets. Ordered Monday, shipped Tuesday, and arrived a few minutes ago on Thursday from Louisville KY to WV.


that’s better than the box i got, which was enough for 10x the amount of product i ordered.


International shipping absolutely ludicrous.

That same ~$100 worth of acrylic costs nearly $100 to ship to Canada.



That’s sad when the shipping is almost as much as the product…

Ouch! Fingers crossed that GF can grow large enough to have some kind of international warehouses for you. Before that they need to get material back in stock…

Almost as much eh? haha.
Here is the price for a black lid cable to Canada:

That is in US dollars. Converted to Canadian it is $87.48 today. I believe, if I’m not mistaken, it was over $90 Canadian at the time.


That cable would have fit in a USPS Flat Rate box for about $30. That’s how mine came

mine came in a ~20" long tube.

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Yeah mine came in a 27 and 1/2 inch by 3 inch diameter tube. When I contacted GF about finding cheaper ways to ship stuff they told me they always try to find the cheapest means available. I disagree with that but what do I know eh?



I really hope that :glowforge: will provide some other shipping method besides FedEx.

I certainly wouldn’t mind waiting longer to receive my goods if the shipping cost could be chopped at least in half.

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they used to use UPS and everyone complained about how bad UPS was and said they should switch to fedex.

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Yeah, I would much rather deal with FedEx than UPS for shipping larger, more expensive items (like Glowforge devices). But offering a cheaper method of shipping (like USPS or Canada Post) for smaller items (like lenses and cables) would make a lot more sense.

I hear you. I couldn’t even drive to the border to save money because I need to take a ferry which costs more than the shipping charge.

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I noticed you’re in Calgary. I suggest you check out DYK Post. They freight forward out of a Montana warehouse to Calgary and Edmonton. I’ve used them a few times and it’s a lot cheaper (slower too though).

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Thanks for the suggestion, Patrick.

Their service sounds like a great solution for shipping stuff southward as well.