Shipping date change/missing

When I got the shipping email I opted to wait until the filter is also ready. For a while on my account page I saw delivery dates for both the Glowforge and for the Air Filter. Now I only see the Air Filter date (May 4) and the Glowforge shipping is gone.

I still have one coming right? Having the date slip so many times and then seeing the item disappear from my list does not fill me with confidence.

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The estimated date goes away after you have been notified. You are still on the list. I expect the next communication you get from them (besides perhaps a reply to this thread) will be a notification your laser and filter are ready.
(Has anyone seen any movement in the projected date for the filters?)

Gee, I don’t think I could have refused delivery! But then I have the ability to vent outside, which is free, and the filter - however efficient, is a consumable.


Mine got pushed back a month and from what I’ve read here (and on Facebook) that seems to be the case for a lot of people.

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I was wondering if the manufacturing of them would be reflected in the date, or if it was static. thanks.

I’m so sorry for the confusion. Don’t worry, we’ll reach out again when your Air Filter is ready to ship with your Glowforge.

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