Shipping date on account is 2 days away


my eyes popped wider than my head when I logged into my account and saw “shipping” date changed from Jan 2018 to Dec 8th, 2016 which is this Friday!!! but, thing is, i haven’t received that email asking for my shipping address.

can someone with experience shed some lights on this please? just wondering if this is going to happen or just a systematic calculations on the date given that I’ve yet to receive the email regarding my shipping address?

thanks in advance!


That means they’ll send you email on the 8th to ask your shipping address. The GF will come up to six weeks after that.


Yep still waiting on mys just got the material but no gf yet


ah! i see thank you. that make sense but 6 weeks? wow. i thought it’ll be much less once you gave your shipping address. oh well :slight_smile:


It can be much less. (Mine took 22 days.) Six weeks is just the upper limit that GF sets. I think we’ve seen reports of anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks. Back when I got mine most were taking around 3 weeks, but recently there’s been more variance.


Usually is considerably less but if you plan on 2,3,4 or 5 weeks it will drive you nuts wondering why it hasn’t arrived. And then you start sending emails to Support, and Support gets bogged down and forgets to forward someone’s address, and then they contact Support and Support gets busy and doesn’t answer a forum problem, and then that person complains on Facebook and thousands don’t order a GF, and the company folds so you can’t buy Proofgrade, and…

Just wait. It’s easier on us all.


I just got my email tonight. The date kept traveling back and forth so many times that now that I have it I don’t believe it.


i’m going to assume you learned about all these from a forum and not from past experience :smiley:


Those of us who have been through it and watched others go through it know this cycle very well. :smiley: My Glowforge Pro is supposed to be showing up tomorrow 12/7! I got my shipping email on 10/30/2017 for reference.

NOTE: You absolutely must sign up for UPS MyChoice to monitor your shipments. Many, including me, have also asked to pick up the Pro at the depot instead of letting them deliver it to my door. This seems to reduce the possible damage.


oh wow! thank you so much. you must be extremely excited for tomorrow. Congrats! what a great Christmas present :slight_smile: will sign up for the UPS and will definitely opt to pick it up from the hub.


Got my Ready To Ship email Nov 4th. Still no shipped email or UPS Ship notification. I am almost at the 5 week mark since I got the email. So close I can taste it. Hopefully this week or next I get the it has shipped email.


Look like 6 weeks to for us lol


I Got my golden e-mail November 3d and also no shipping notice yet. Five weeks waiting today.


The day is finally here. I checked my ups account randomly yesterday and it shows that I am getting mine Monday. No “It Has Shipped” email from GF … yet . Now I see why they say to sign up for a UPS account.


It seems some people (myself included) are having an issue where our date comes and passes, and still no email whatsoever.


Date has changed from Dec 8 to Dec 12 2017 :tired_face:


Yea same thing happen to me last month.


Email finally received and I just hit “I WANT MY GLOWFORGE NOW” button. Super excited!!! :smile:


Congrats! :grinning:


Thank you!