Shipping delay

I ordered my basic 9/14 to receive 10/14. I got the shipping delay notice on 10/2 stating it would ship within 2 weeks. It is now going on 3 weeks and I haven’t gotten any updates or response to email. I would like some kind of update as to what is going on and when I should be receiving.

Delays bite, but this machine is SO MUCH FUN once you get it.

A staff member will see this, but since it’s talking about personal information they will end up closing this and replying via email. They need to contact the factory to get any shipping information (the factory ships directly) so the communication channel is not the fastest.

Your best bet is to join Fedex and UPS’s shipment notification programs. Folks often hear from them before they get their tracking numbers!


Thank you! I actually just received confirmation 10 minutes ago. Looking forward to it!


We can’t wait for you to get your Glowforge!