Shipping delays?

So I finally got the glowforge. It arrived around the 12th. So earlier than the last estimate. I received 2 days after I got the shipping notification, so shipping was not an issue. It sounds like Glowforge needs to get a better handle on what the heck is going on behind the scenes. - Anyway, moving on from this thread for now…

I ordered the pro yesterday and was bummed to find out that it’s gonna take 8 weeks to get. On a positive note I’ve been wanting one for several months now and now I got one! Love seeing everyone’s projects and I appreciate everyone’s advice and tips.

Has anyone’s GF required a signature for delivery?

For a while it seemed like every other post was about this, so yes. Yours is the first I have seen about it in a while.

AFAIK :glowforge: hasn’t added a signature requirement, but in areas where packages are stolen a lot the shippers themselves are getting signatures so they have a fall-back when someone reports something as never delivered.

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@deirdrebeth thank you. I’m just trying to make plans for the big day!

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