Shipping & Delivery delays with no answer from customer service ever

Anyone experience terrible US shipping delays without any clear update or answer from their online customer support? I have used their chat and emailed, and keep getting the response to check back for an update by our next business day if you don’t receive tracking information. Well now the delivery date is clearly not happening and I cannot get any answers from anyone. They keep saying check back. Do they build these on demand?

Did you look here I believe they build in batches, first one sort and then another, Not enough volume for many production lines not enough eff ency not to have any production line so they switch off

Yes, I have the delivery date there. It hasn’t changed since I ordered. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Possibly. (How’s that for a definitive answer?) :smile:

If you ordered a Plus from Amazon i believe that they have a supply already available…if not, then yes they did used to build in batches once the units were ordered.
I have no idea if they are still doing that now that the backlog is more or less out of the way (except for international builds).

Best way to track delivery is to sign up for UPS MyChoice, and whatever the FedEx equivalent is. You’re going to get notified by them before Glowforge has the information that your unit has shipped from the factory.

It may bounce about a bit. there was a time when they bounced a lot, but less so now. Mine jumped back and forth and ended up arriving a couple of weeks before expected so the shipping time is an estimate but better than no estimate. :upside_down_face:

I’m confused. If your delivery date hasn’t changed since you ordered, why are you asking about shipping delays? Unless your delivery date has passed?
I’ll double up on @Jules suggestion to sign up for UPS & Fedex’s notifications

I apologize for the delay @stickyfreckles. I’ve just followed up in a separate email with your tracking number and more information. Since we’re communicating there, I am going to close this thread.