Shipping email is early-ish

Happy to report that the magical email came today. For those keeping track of such things - prior to today my account page had said November 27 and then November 22. This is a day 24 pro + air filter order. Filter is currently showing shipping May 11.

Haven’t decided whether to defer or not yet though I’m leaning toward not at the moment.


If you call 2 years late early.

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Only a year late surely. The machine was never scheduled to be delivered in 2015. It was always advertised as a year wait.

Well I did say “-ish” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No it said pre-order now, shipping in Dec 2015 when I ordered.

I certainly don’t remember that… but then it’s been so long :smiley:

3 months seems very ambitious now

Yup. I remember “Shipping in December” No mention that they were going to only be shipping Beta units.

Many who ordered during the preorder campaign thought they were much further along than they were.


It was definitely advertised as shipping in December 2015.

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The exact wording was “Pre-Order Now” and “First units shipping December 2015”. Some took that to mean that final production units would be shipping at the end of December. I could understand if they did. I took it to mean that a few units would go out, probably to reviewers or early testers and that us commoners might see something by about the end of April or May if things went well. Never seen a crowd funding effort produce faster than that. I still think that timeline was close to the company intent… But obviously everyone was wrong.


It was missing the “*” and fine print.

Silly me. I thought since I ordered in the first 3 days, that my unit would have been one of those “First Units”.

Yes, I know… It was in the fine print, and I did read the fine print. I just didn’t think that a slight production delay would last 2 years. Happy that I finally my unit now, though.