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Are people getting their shipping email on the date that is forecasted? My date just came and went with no email, very bummed. Would like to hear what others are experiencing with their shipping process at this point.

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My date kept shifting by a day or two but the shipping e-mail came on the day they indicated it would. Double check your account page to make sure your date didn’t shift.

Same for us. We’ve been counting down the days for our e-mail and we didn’t get one. We checked our account for changes to the date and it hasn’t changed. Has anyone else had this happen? Praying it comes soon.

Trust me I have checked over and over and gone through spam and email like a crazy person. No email and my date hasn’t changed.

My email date is supposed to be today, but nothing so far. I read on the forum from some other people that they got theirs around 10:30 pm, but I’m not sure what time zone they were in (Pacific here).

Trying not to obsess, but here I am… :smile:


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Ok cool then we are in the same boat. Hopefully it comes. I figured since business hours were over then it wasn’t coming. Fingers crossed it comes soon.

All available evidence suggests that Glowforge doesn’t really follow standard “business hours” :slight_smile:

They regularly send email out as late as 9 or 10 PM Pacific time.


Got my e-mail day before date (Feb 7th) , received Proofgrade (Feb 13th), still waiting for machine (no e-mail on shipping), as of today Feb. 19th. Middle of US., don’t hold your breath. Hard.

My email finally arrived at 9:30pm Pacific! I hope you got yours as well…

Mine is a Basic, fyi.



YES!!! I got it!! Sorry for being impatient (if 3 years later is impatient)


My shipping notice date was changed a couple of times but as I’ve been waiting for long. No problem.

And I just checked my email and the letter was right there at the top with a question- if I really wanted shipped or preferred to wait. What ? I am now a master waiter. I have a diploma in patience. But no, I did not want to wait and I just accepted shipping …and will track with UPS.

Am I dreaming? I’m getting my GF. What? I’m delirious.
OK, I have a question. Is there anyone close to the Quad Cities ? I would really enjoy meeting someone that speaks GFish! And, is it proper for me to ask this type of question as I’ve just done? Thanks in advance. I have to get some sleep, if it is possible. I’m getting my GF. I’ll need to name it. Hmm?


The only question I am aware of that is not allowed is, will you share your design. A lot of forum readers only read the OP and whatever responses are there at the time. They then ignore any subsequent posts. If you’re really interested, and you haven’t received a PM, I’d create a new topic. The closest regular poster here I know of is in Rochester, MN and he seems pretty friendly. With the number of units shipped it would seem likely there is at least one other in your area.


My email came 10 days before it was scheduled. caught me off guard. it is scheduled to deliver within the next 7 hours! I have been logged into UPS for 2 days tracking every bump it hits in the road.
I’m glad will be getting your machine soon too.


What shocked me pleasantly was despite being told to expect it would be several weeks for actual delivery from time of receiving the confirmation email, I got notice from UPS within three days telling me of my pending delivery.


Oh heck yes! I pray this is the same thing we all get going forward!

not trying to rub it in, just super excited!!
02/20/2018 11:57 A.M. Delivered :man_dancing::man_dancing::tada:


Glad to hear the emails are coming in on time! My projected email date is today, so I’m trying to keep on top of projects and not keep checking back so as not to drive myself crazy, but…urge…is so…strong…must…check…email…again…

Nope, not there yet. Poop.

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I am just a couple of states away from their shipping facility, but yes, I hope more people have a good experience. (And my forge came with a scratched side lens (fallen out from the mount in the inside of machine) and GF were very fast about getting a replacement sent to me.)

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It will come probably late tonight. Mine came yesterday after 11 pm my time (mountain)

I’m hoping that being nearby to the manufacturing facility (Milpitas --> Long Beach) will help with shipping trauma and quickness of delivery. :slight_smile:

One can hope!


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