Shipping estimate

Like everyone I have been consistently checking my shipping date. Like everyone I’ve also been disappointed that the date keeps moving farther and farther out. However as of today the shipping notification should arrive tomorrow. How accurate has this been for everybody?


Not trying to be vague but it is reasonably accurate unless you ask someone that feels otherwise. Seen a lot on the very day predicted, some came earlier than the final date projection, at least one slipped on the very last day by a week.


I got the email early in the afternoon on my estimated date. Then my date changed to a week later for some unknown reason.

I got my email the day it was supposed to come around 6pm.

I got my confirmation on the 29th and been refreshing ever since. For some reason the last time it was scans was on the 30th. It says it’s scheduled delivery is on the 8th. But I’m worried it got lost since it hasn’t been scans since the 30th and it’s the 3rd already

Mine came 2 days after the prediction.

My scheduled ship date improved significantly from when I placed the order. However, the filter is still scheduled several months after. Does anyone know if I will receive a some sort of exhaust to use until i get the filter?

Yes. You get the standard flexi exhaust hose.

Thank you!!

Mine came about a year and a half after the original prediction, however they kept revising it out to finally Jan 4, 2018. Then on New Years day at around 6PM I got the golden ticket.

Appreciate the sarcasm, but this is about the specific dates. We were only given estimated start dates for the overall shipping process(a number of starts and a couple done by) until October(?) of last year for an actual shipping estimate for the individual.

Mine was set for the 5th (tomorrow) and then it updated to the 1st on the 1st and I received an email on the 1st at 8pm. Any idea how quickly it ships after the email? I know it says up to 6 weeks but I’m curious what people have experienced. And I assume they send you a tracking number when it ships?

Mine says the 1st and I never got any emails from them. :frowning:

Well they said I’d receive my shipping notification on the third. At 2 o’clock yesterday I received it. Now they say they’ll be sending me a tracking number I’ll be interested to see how long that takes.

It’s all over the board. When it does ship they send you the tracking email the next day. If you live in Northern California that means the glowforge can show up before your tracking email. If you live east of the Mississippi, you have about a week.

If you’re having the glowforge shipped to a residential address you should consider signing up for UPS MyChoice. It seems most people who live close to the factory and have MyChoice at least get notified the night before.

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I think, on average, the Proofgrade is shipped about a week after and the GF about two after the e-mail is sent. Plus everything @caribis2 just said. Full east coast is a full five days from GF ship.

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