Shipping? Fraud?

I ordered things a few days ago and they were delivered Monday, 11/16. I received what I ordered. I received 2 emails saying my two orders had been delivered.
Now, today,11/18, I received two more emails with “updated shipping information” and the same two order numbers now say they will be delivered tomorrow. I am in Indiana and one of these days it’s going to Salem Oregon and the other says it’s going to Ocala Florida. The items listed in the order details are the same items I received. I did not make duplicate orders.
I want to make sure someone isn’t using my account or that I will not be charged for these items again. Any orders made by me shipping to anywhere other than Indiana are fraudulent.

I too am here in Indiana and got an email stating that my order was updated. Upon checking I noticed the UPS Tracking had changed and showed that a delivery I had already received was delivered to Minneapolis, MN. The tracing number can only be changed by the shipper or UPS, which in this case I say was UPS. I am still waiting on one shipment and is supposed to be delivered today.

Sounds like a scam maybe, to get you to call and give them your personal details? It might be worth it to alert UPS that this is happening.

GF uses a third party to ship as they do not do it directly, Could be as simple as the tracking for someone else’s order was assigned to your order number by mistake. Seeing how two people got the same thing there might have been bad data in the transfer process.


The company that provides the proofgrade material does the shipping in our case comes from Louisville, KY use to come out of Memphis, TN. Interesting the tracking number was changed after delivery and delivered to a different State but same address. :thinking: :thinking:

Doubt it’s fraud the email came from the GF support email address, also received a text from UPS.

Sent an email to GF Support will be interesting to see what they say…

Like I said they probably get a list of Order# to Tracking#s if something was shifted or off a bit they could be assigning new tracking numbers to old orders. The ship from location could be they changed suppliers or found a way to get stuff back in stock during this pandemic. I was just providing info that it may not mean fraud or you are being charged twice. :smiley:

Is this address you are seeing in UPS/FedEx or on the GF site? I think you are referring to the GF site since I don’t think UPS/FedEx provide that info so still could be data error.

If not a data error, there will be a lot of confused people and many undeliverable packages ahead. :rofl:

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Your account on the GF website includes a selection for purchase history. Check to see if you have orders fulfilled or pending. If not, wouldn’t really worry too much. Your account probably wasn’t charged. More likely a system error.

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Funny, that. I go to my account page, check purchase history and it says I have no purchase history. I know I have spent around $8000 there so far, so I find that odd.

Ne’ermind. I found the “newer orders may be here” page. So far those are only on there once.

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The information was provided by UPS, I have UPS My Choice for my business so I can see the address to which it was delivered whether it’s coming to me or a customer. Since the tracking number was assigned to my account I can see the address to which it was delivered.

Hmmm I wonder where they are around here…

had no idea the shipping was out of here now.

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I’m so confused. I just got 2 more emails telling me shipping was updated. When I click on tracking, it says delivered to me on Monday (correct). When I go to previous 2 emails, tracking shows it was delivered today to Oregon and Florida.

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yep I got an email earlier changing the tracking number back to the original number showing it was delivered to me…

What did you say?

It happens whenever they change something!

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Thank you for letting us know about the mixup with your tracking number. After looking into this, we identified an issue that impacted a small group of orders. It looks like your was one of them. I apologize!

I checked your order and UPS reports that it was delivered to the correct address in Indiana. Did you receive it in good shape?

Yes. I just wanted to make sure that:

  1. I was not being billed for something someone else ordered (or hacked my account), and
  2. If the other deliveries were legitimate and just tracking glitches, that the actual purchaser received their stuff/paperwork.

I’m glad to hear it. You were not billed for an additional order, and we’ve made sure to update the impacted accounts with the correct information.

I’m going to close this thread. Please feel free to start a new topic if you have any other questions.