Shipping Info is a bust

So my delivery date was 30 DEC 2020. I attempted to contact through chat (only to end up talking to computer that took my email) to get info on tracking or potential delay a few days early. No response to that then sent email on delivery date and got response in afternoon stating within 2 weeks it would ship and I would get tracking info in email and text. Then later in evening got a text and email stating it shipped but the spot from tracking # was blank. So once again emailed to hopefully get a tracking number. This is going to business address so I want to track and ensure we are open and here to receive. So frustrating to spend $7400 on equipment and no be able to get a firm answer on shipment or tracking. I saw where you can use FED EX and ups to catch the tracking info but it is for residential not business. My order page still has old estimated delivery date and the order is now showing fulfilled. If anyone has any input as to what the order going to fulfilled means and if getting the shipped email with no tracking means anything please share info.

Unfortunately, it’ll get there when it gets there. Glowforge is notorious for poor communication speed.

The good news is that they really try to do the right thing, they just do it s l o w l y.

Welcome to the family! :slight_smile:


I can’t explain it or justify it, but for some reason glowforge is unable to provide tracking for their shipments. Your best bet is to sign up with ups and fedex to automatically receive tracking for any shipment sent to your address.


I tried to sign up for FED EX and UPS but they will not accept the commercial shipping address it’s residential only, not sure why.

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I can:

They’re incompetent.

And I mean this in the true sense – communication speed isn’t one of their core competencies as a company. They make really nice laser machines, they have decent highly functional software (albeit with a terrible ui, again, incompetent), but they are terrible at communicating in a timely fashion.

The probably could be great at it, they just don’t view it as a priority. If they did they would have solved it by now, they’ve had years and they absolutely know it’s a problem.

As for us, it’s best to accept this as one of their quirks and move forward, no sense in fighting reality. It’ll take how long it takes for you to get your machine, and then if you’re anything like the bulk of us you’ll immediately forgive their communication flaws because the machine is outstanding.

Also, it’s pandemic time during the holidays. There are shipping and supply chain problems everywhere. This is the least of your worries really… I’m not saying it’s not irritating or that you don’t have a right to be disappointed but in the end even if you have to wait 2 more weeks it’s not the end of the world. I hope you get your machine soon, I bet you’ll love it.

A quick shipping story: I didn’t get any mail a couple days ago, which was weird. Turns out, someone carjacked and stole the mail truck in the next neighborhood over. It’s mental out there there days, man. Stay healthy, try to be patient, and read a bunch of forum posts so you can hit the ground running when you get the machine. :slight_smile:


I didn’t get the email from glowforge until the day my laser arrived, but it did have a tracking number. I signed up with fedex and ups years ago. They always send an email when a package is coming.

Things might be turning around just got a email/text with tracking number UPS shows 3 packages arriving next TUE 5 Jan 2020. Fingers crossed. They answered email within hours today so I gave them kudos for that.


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