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Hey Dan,

Just a little curious about how you are going to ship the glowforge to me. I purchased the Pro at your discounted rate and received confirmation, the funds also being deducted from my credit card. I was never prompted to enter my shipping information. Also, I opted to receive the Christmas gift that you emailed and still haven’t received that either. That, and that one time I was asked for shipping information. I’m not mad or upset, I know things happen but I’m just a bit curious and anxious too.



Hi there,

See their FAQs:

Hi, and welcome to the forum! I’m another buyer just like you (don’t work for GF), and I know your question was directed specifically to Dan, but I figure I can maybe help in the meantime. You’ll find a lot of those answers in the FAQ section…also, GF has sent out e-mails to us buyers, and also discussed on this forum, all the questions you’ve asked. And the policies were in place for us to see before we ordered (i.e. no surprises or anything like that). Basically, everyone was charged at the time of purchase, and then shipping is first come first served; shipping will be based upon your place in line when you ordered, and anyone who made it in by the first discount cutoff should hopefully receive them by June 30th. When it’s close to shipping time is when they will ask you your shipping address, since 10% of the nation moves every year, so they want to make sure they ship it to your current address…

Hope that helps, and my apologies to Dan if I got any of that wrong or spoke out of place…


I’m pretty sure no one has received printed copies of @dan 's book. I haven’t received mine yet and I haven’t seen posts from anyone else saying they received theirs. I assume they are on the way.

If I remember correctly about a week or so ago he said the hard copies should go out this month.

to jump on this thread when shipping does happen. given the cost can I request all shipments go signature mandatory?

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Given the wait, I’ll be “sick” that day so I can take delivery myself! :wink:


I feel there will be a sharp increase in sick days around that time.


I think I will end up with the week long walking influenza. Shhhh - don’t tell that I am planning that!

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Hmm, I work from a home office which is in our basement, and coincidentally, the Glowforge will be in the basement too! :wink:
I have a feeling there will be many short breaks to walk 20 steps, press a button and watch the magic unfold.


Im in the process of making a very accurate button pressing robot. I might have a second use for him now hahaha.


Homer simpson water drinking bird :slightly_smiling:


I received mine back in January