Shipping issue. Unfulfilled order with no updates

I purchased my Glowforge Basic on 12/19/2019 and was given a estimated delivery date of 1/16/2020.
My order still shows unfulfilled and I have send a few inquiries with no answers.

When I inquired on the 16th as I saw it still showed Unfulfilled as the status I received the following:
“I’m so sorry that you haven’t received tracking for your order. That is frustrating. I know it can make it hard to plan when you don’t know when your shipment will arrive.
I’ve reached out to the team to investigate why you didn’t receive your number, and I’ll follow up as soon as I hear more.”

I replied on the 17th saying it appears that I didn’t get a tracking number because it had not shipped yet based on the status.

I have yet to hear back after I was told it was being checked on in the e-mail 1/16/19 although I did send a reply asking for a update 5 days later and still have heard nothing. And the estimated date of delivery still shows 1/16/20 so I am completely in the dark.

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Unfortunate situation. Posting here is the same as sending another email, which (so far, for you) hasn’t helped. Sorry.

Machines are built based on demand. Some recent customers have received theirs two weeks earlier than predicted - those were Pro models. Again, that doesn’t help you, but GF really does want to get the product to you as quickly as possible.

My order was 12/18. Same boat. Same emails. :confused: I was really excited to get it. But not even having an estimated update on eta is super frustrating.

Update: received it this Wednesday :raised_hands:t3:

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I don’t understand their shipping system. How do people end up past their estimated date from when they purchased when other people receive theirs (also Basic) weeks early. Do they just randomly fulfill orders?? :expressionless:

No, but the manufacturing facility is a separate entity and stock status is not updated regularly. Individual order status, it would appear, is never updated.

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Right I just don’t understand at all why these two people above are past the estimated date, but several people in the fb group I’m in ordered at the very end of December and got theirs at the beginning of the week (at least one was definitely a basic). It just makes no sense

I do not disagree…

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Very frustrating to hear people ordered after me and have already received.



If you have not already (and if you are in the US), I highly recommend joining both UPS and FedEx member programs. It usually happens that you will get a tracking number from them before you get one from Glowforge.

Thanks for the suggestion but I have been signed up for those services for years.

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I’m so sorry for the delays in getting your Glowforge to you. I’ve reached out to our shipper and received an update on your order. I’ve followed up with you in email, so I’m going to close this ticket.

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To add on: orders are processed on the basis of date submitted. Many issues can speed up or delay delivery ranging from shipping address to model to if there was a payment processing problem. I don’t have any information about whether one of those was in play here, but wanted to let you know what some of the factors are.