Shipping notification date - is it real?

So today is my shipping notification date, and I am checking my email like an insane person. I have to ask… gulp…
Did any of you have your date come and go without an email. I can’t handle anymore dissappontment.

My friends are like, “ I thought you bought a glowforge??”

And I’m like, “Uhhh he goes to a different school,
You wouldn’t know him…” :flushed::flushed:


Mine was yesterday and I got it yesterday night around 7pm eastern time, but I have heard of people getting the email a day late. But you will get it.


:sob::sob::sob::sob: thanks :pray:

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Most of the golden tickets arrive in the evenings, say after 7pm PST, 10pm EST.

Don’t panic when/if your delivery date disappears from your account altogether – that means that your email will arrive in a few hours.

Looks like you’re going to have a good Friday! :wink:


Today is my date as well. I’ve been counting down the days. Can’t wait for the email but REALLY can’t wait to finally get my forge!

Make sure you check your spam or junk mail folders as there have been several reports of the email ending up being marked spam.

Lol. I had many of those same awkward conversations. My wife: “Yeaaaaah. Sure. Sure it’s coming…”.

But once I got a date all my emails, deliveries came on time, definitely within a day!

I got a those same jokes and comments, too. Now that I have I have it everyone is asking if I can make things and telling me it’s so cool and totally amazing :blush: My sister in law just sends me photos of things and asks if the glowforge can make it. She isn’t asking me to make, just asking if that sort of thing is possible. Lol.


My date was the day the Glowforge showed op at the door. was not yet really prepared. YEMV

You haven’t figured out that there is no Glowforge? All the people claiming to have used one are just paid shills.

Seriously though, it seems most emails have gone out in the evening (Pacific time) on the listed date. There has been some variance of +/- a day or two but that tends to be the exception.

Edit: There been has‽




Yay! More waiting! :grin:

(Isn’t almost worst in the last few days, once you know it’s coming soon?)

Congrats! :smile:

Awe, it’s cute you still think you are getting a Glowforge.


Prep all that you can now. I got my forge the end of November and I still haven’t finished building the desk for it. It works fine with a pillow stuck in the widow to keep the cold out but definitely not the look I was going for. :laughing:


Yeah I got pushed back as well. Didn’t they say that every push back date we would get a credit to the online store? Or something in that discount matter…