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I’m packing up Tom Servo for a trip and I have a question about the foam inserts. Tom came to me before a packaging change and I don’t have the white foam interior inserts the current units come with and that’s shown in the manual. I have the exterior foam figured out, but I have a question about the inside.

Damned if I can figure out where these other black foam thingies go. There’s one large square piece, two “E” shaped pieces and one little strip. It’s entirely possible I’m an idiot and they don’t actually go with the GF, and I’m OK with that, but someone’s got to tell me for sure. I’m assuming something goes inside though? I also noticed my gantry sits further forward than the current manual shows as well, but I’m pretty sure that’s the only place the red security screws fit.


I’m pretty sure some of those are for the crumb tray. The ones in the left picture anyway. Can’t quite tell from the right picture


Yes, the black inserts are from the crumb tray box.



Our Pre-Release units did not come with internal foam for the unit.


OK, that’s what I though at first, but I watched an unpacking video and it showed the tray wrapped in bubble wrap and not the foam. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me the tray packaging had changed as well. Mine must not have come with anything inside either. Thanks a bunch you guys.


Thanks for the answer @rpegg, that’s correct! @kittski glad you were able to sort this out. If you have any other packaging questions, please let us know!

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