Shipping PG materials to the EU - tested

Hi all, I know this has been discussed in a couple of other threads, but since I have now tried this solution I thought I’d share my experience. With Christmas coming up, and a bunch of gifts to make, I figured I may as well try to order some PG materials through a solution that I found online:*
I’ve tried quite a few other materials that I’ve found more locally, but I have to admit none of them gave quite as nice results as the PG samples that came with the machine, and as I have a bunch of store credit just sitting there, I figured I might as well try it out.* provides you with a US shipping address that you can use on any US shopping site and they physically receive the package and send it on to you. I chose the free single package option, but there are other options that allow you to shop from several different stores and have the deliveries collated. I don’t really have the use for that so I just went with the free option.
I was a little dubious at first, but everything went perfectly and I just got my parcel from FedEx, just a few days after it arrived at the Myus warehouse, perfectly intact, and as I was using my store credit, the order of 13 pieces of plywood and acrylic came to just over $50, so just the price of the shipping.

Of course, once GF get their international PG shipping worked out, this probably will be moot, but in the meantime, if anyone in the EU really wants to use their store credit, this is one solution that I can vouch for… I guess having the US shipping address could also allow you to buy designs from the catalog, although I haven’t tried that yet…

*links above are referral links and get you 20% off your first delivery :wink:


glad to hear there is some viable solution. I’ve been sad to hear that it is very difficult to get PG outside the US. It really is good material.


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