Shipping speed

Can you please either process orders the next business day, offer expedited shipping or stock amazon? I ordered last Friday and didn’t get shipping notification til this morning. This has cost me a $500 job because glowforge could not get the order shipped out Monday or Tuesday apparently. Not a happy camper at all.

Boy do I have some bad news for you:

Based on is post over on FB, I don’t think he his talking about the actual machine, he is talking about materials.

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People still use facebook? huh.


Yeah, but I do think Myspace is out. :wink:


Remember when ANYTHING you ordered was expected to take 6-8 weeks to arrive? The capacity to accept delayed gratification is a huge indicator of future success, but Amazon Prime is systematically destroying it in the human species.

We’re all doomed.


I would sure live an Amazon Prime option. preferably with them stocking her in one of the central TX warehouses once I get a filter and can start forging again. Hello free same day delivery! Not sure Amazon could be trusted to keep the wood in a stable enough humidity or not try to bend it ever so slightly so it fits in a B7 box.


Not picking on you. The quoted part of your P&S is a perfectly legitimate request.

Yeah, no. It would be fair to say, “Quicker shipping would have allowed me to complete a $500 job.”


Yes but being a :glowforge: founder made me super man of delayed gratification. :wink:


Actually, I think what I said was fair. This was based on their expected delivery date…which changed and there is no delay present on the tracking.

Also remember that there is a huge storm in that area and shipping is problematic for everyone right now.

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Didn’t forget, not even UPS is warning about shipping delays out of TN on their main page, only the carolinas. There is also no delay on the shipment itself, the delay is due to how long it took the order to be processed.

I doubt UPS’s shipping speed is any comfort to people who live and work downstream from the pig farms in NC.


i’ll say the same thing i started to say on FB before it looks like that post disappeared.

i agree that expedited/guaranteed shipping would be a nice thing to have. know that it won’t be free over $100 and won’t be cheap. but it would be a nice option to have.

i disagree that they screwed you. they gave you an estimated date, but made no promises/guarantees on that date. it sucks and i feel for you, but GF didn’t screw you out of the job, necessarily.

i’ve ordered when i had an upcoming job but not the material. i told my client i should have the material in time, but it was possible that it might not make it and told them what the alternatives would be. if you don’t have a guaranteed date, you can’t promise your customer. and even then, it never hurts to temper expectations with the knowledge that you have to order the materials. just good business.


Ha so true

again had they processed it it would have been on time.

they didn’t guarantee you they would process it by a certain date, either.

i get that you’re upset, but you didn’t get a guarantee of anything, including processing time.

assuming there were no delays in shipping either. A trailer wasn’t delayed, an accident didn’t happen, or a multitude of other things, none of which are guaranteed, and woulnd’t be the fault of GF either.

If you don’t physically have what you need to get a job done, maybe it’s time to look at keeping a larger inventory on hand.


Havent ordered from the GF shop in a while but isn’t it a 24-48 hour turnaround time for order processing? So Monday/Tuesday for the order to be entered into the system and fulfilled with shipping the following day. Seems reasonable to me.

maybe. i don’t think we should pile on too much. sometimes people make orders for more than you normally stock. or for something you don’t normally stock. i just think everyone needs to be realistic about the turnaround time and expected delivery time for PG. there’s no guarantee it will go out same day or next day. and it’s going UPS ground. until they create an expedited processing and/or expedited shipping options, there is no guarantee on when you get it.