Shipping speed

It can be 24-48 hours, but it can also be three or four days at times.

I offered a simple solution/suggestion. If 2 days is the difference between getting and loosing a job, I’d consider that time sensitive. If you have more on hand you manage those very expectations you speak of. I’ve been in business many years, not once has this let me down. Much like the op, relying on another supplier/vendor, has.

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No and even if they did then what, that would most likely be like an amazon guarantee. Unless I pay extra for shipping I don’t expect a refund or anything on a guarantee. I didn’t say they screwed me, I said I lost a job. Ya it sucks and its frustrating hence my venting. But I also think it’s reasonable to expect shipping options as other suppliers have.

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I’m all ears for another vendor who has 1/4" thick pre-finished both sides and pre-taped. I’ll even take non taped 1/4" pre finished both sides.

I think these two comments are contradictory :slight_smile:

I placed my very first order of proofgrade materials 7 days ago. I still have yet to receive a shipping notice. I emailed GF and they said they were looking into it. That was 2 days ago. So as far as I can tell, my order hasn’t even shipped yet.

That’s not entirely atypical. Check My UPS and see if you have any deliveries scheduled. You may see it there before getting any other notice.

Nothing in My UPS yet. 8 days after order, just received a note that one of the items in my order (black acrylic) is not available and that I just received a refund on my order…which put me under $100…which now charged me $9 for shipping. Oh, and still no shipping notice. Not a good first experience with ordering PG materials.

They really went back and added the shipping charge?!? My first and only order was a bad experience too.

Ouch :confused: should have had the opportunity to amend the order in some way (add other material) to meet the threshold, if you wanted to.

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They won’t just backorder it like everybody else?!

I’m all ears…

Not sure about “both sides”.

Thank you all for the feedback – we’re working to improve our timing as well as to better address inventory. I’ll make sure the team knows that you’d like expedited shipping options, too.