Shipping Station Stand

I have limited space in my shop like many of you. A while back I made this stand for my shipping station. My scale goes on top and my Rollo label printer and labels are directly underneath the scale. I can weigh a package and print the label and it takes up a small amount of counter space. The back is open for loading a stack of labels. The large cutout in the side allows for turning the printer on and off. I slide the printer out the front to load labels and then put it back in place.

I decided to share this file in case it would be of use to anyone else in the group. It was made from 1/4" PureBond from Home Depot. You may need to adjust slots for your material. It is designed to fit the Rollo printer so if you have a different unit you may need to adjust sizes to fit. The scale was from Amazon. (I don’t remember which one exactly but there are several to choose from.) I will be mounting the scale readout to the wall behind the unit but I just haven’t done it yet. Don’t mind my terrible job on staining this. I tried a new stain that I really ended up not liking. Luckily no one sees this but me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Zip file contains three svg files. Top, Bottom, Sides. (6.7 KB)


Great practical cut and nice design!

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Very nice design. Thank you.

A project after my own practical heart.

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Nice protective box, and great choice of label printer (I have a Rollo too!). Thank you for sharing your design!

Love it, thank you!

I think this is brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

That’s nice! Thanks! :grinning:

This design made my day, thanks so much for sharing. Hate that the top of my Rollo is basically dead space on my small desk, so I really can’t wait to get this into the forge! Practical cuts FTW

Love it…

Love this!!!

This is really clever!

love this, I totally need it. thank you

made this today and I love it thank you

OMG I love this so much and it will help me tremendously!!! Thank you so much!!