Shipping the Glowforge to Toronto, Canada - NAFTA certificate

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I recently ordered a Glowforge and FedEx just contacted me to let me know that I needed to sign the General Agency Agreement ( which I expected) but they also forwarded me a word document stating:

  • Finally, if the goods being imported into Canada were manufactured in Canada, the United States or
    Mexico, then a NAFTA certificate of origin is required at time of clearance.
  • We do not have a NAFTA certificate on file for clearance of this shipment.
  • Please have your shipper provide a NAFTA certificate of origin for all goods made in the U.S.,
    Canada or Mexico. If a NAFTA certificate is not provided then all applicable duties (in addition to the applicable taxes) will be assessed to this shipment

My understanding is that the printer was made in the US. What’s the best way to obtain such document? I already contacted Glowforge support and I am waiting for an answer but wanted to reach out in case someone has gone through the same process.

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UPDATE: Glowforge support replied few days later that the NAFTA certificate doesn’t apply to Glowforge and after contacting FedEx a second time, they told me to disregard the document they shared with me. I received my GF yesterday, 2 weeks earlier than expected, and didn’t have to pay any import fees.

That sounds odd. I got one delivered in 2018 and it just showed up one day. I didn’t have to do anything.

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I had to contact Glowforge support when they forgot to send me my crumb tray. Something very similar happened and the right paperwork was not packaged with it so it sat in their custody until they did a return to sender on it. I contacted support right away but it took them so long to rectify the situation that it ended up going back.

I know a lot of these things are easier when you buy as a consumer instead of a business. Not sure what route you took but I really hope an email to support can get it figured out before it is too late

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Search shows quite a few threads discussing this, some saying you have to pay taxes, others not.

Your best bet is to see what support says, which could take a couple of days.

Thank you, I will wait for their response which hopefully won’t take long

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