Shipping time for pro

Hi all,

Just out of curiosity.

What’s the “add to card to completed payment” to “dispatch time” to “arrival on doorstep” shipping time has been for recently purchased GFs?

I know there’s a wait but just curious for the length for other people.

I am currently waiting for 1) refurbished basic exchange and 2) a GF Pro :slight_smile:


Nobody else’s experience will be any indication of what to expect.

New machines aren’t sitting in a warehouse waiting to ship. They are pretty much built to order, so it just depends on what was currently lined up to be assembled when your order was placed into the queue. Refurbished machines are available as they are received, reconditioned, and tested - same thing, yours will be processed in order of availability. The build and repair facility appears to work “bankers hours” so they aren’t cranking these out 24/7…

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It took a little over two years for a bunch of us. But that’s probably not a useful data point for you. :wink:



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Our orders were long before the first unit had even been prototyped much less put into production. My production Pro arrived about 25 months after the crowd funding campaign began.

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Keep in mind that the company is pretty new. There is no amount of planning that can meet the reality. This is not a couple of guys that start making Lasers in the garage. To start up at the scale of the demand as I understand it much or most of the machine has been contracted out.

This is not terrible if you can run about to all the factories (some in places like China), but when suddenly covid throws a wrench in the works, with no travelling and some factories shuttering it is hard to imagine the chaos that follows.

This is what I am gathering from a word here and there and things like I sent my dead pro machine to Seattle and received a rebuilt basic from California quickly followed by a pro that was sent from Texas as I sent the basic back. This took a few days over a month from pro out to pro back.

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I get covid is happening and it has tossed a wrench. What I m curious and also frustrated is the fact that support will send a refurbished one right away. If there was more of an honest answer or couple weeks, then it’s easier to anticipate but when you are promised right away and not happening, I m not sure that’s the best way of handling this.

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There is less about secrecy then reliably knowing the needed forecasting. The best way of handling this is to sign up for notice from Fed-x, UPS, and Usps.

As all this other stuff is building we are headed for headed for Christmas traffic as well :woozy_face: :crazy_face:

@RobB did you by chance receive your units yet?

I am waiting on a pro warranty replacement unit that was said to arrive “within 10 days, usually a lot quicker” a week ago. Still have no tracking information, and communication with “support” is practically non existent. Crazy to invest so much money on something to have things handle the way they are.


Still waiting and still nothing.

They said that they would send me an e-mail regarding anything but I have received nothing in my e-mail.

I just keep getting the response “They don’t have these in a warehouse… etc…”
Sure. But why tell us that it’ll be sent right away? Do you when you run your business overpromise? Because I don’t.

Oh great…

So I can definitely expect no better on my end. Every time I ask a very specific question, I get a very generalized response (2-3 business days later of course)

I would be totally fine if they were upfront and honest from the get go saying, “Hey we are so sorry the machine you invested $6k on broke down within less than 9 months of using it, we will send you a “used” replacement, but it more than likely won’t come within the time frame we provide”

It’s just awful timing with this being the busiest time of year for small businesses with the holidays coming up.

Yeah …
I don’t really know what to do other than just wait. I feel like we are handcuffed as there’s nothing else we can do. I agree with you that if they were up front about it, then at least the expectations are different. but since they promised that it’ll be sent out right away etc… I think that’s where the place of contention is.

They are very quick in getting you to pay for the items as I get numerous e-mails of reminding me to complete my purchase but after you pay, it’s like buying a car, they try so hard in finishing the sale, but after it’s done. It’s done. The downside of all of this is that I actually really liked my GF. I just wish they were better at the support part of it.

Yes it is terrible timing.

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