Shipping time May/June 2022

Does anyone know the current shipping timeframe for proofgrade material?

I ordered some material as part of the May sale, hoping to make some gifts before an upcoming trip. It’s now been two weeks with no shipping notification and no delivery. The order page still says “We’ve confirmed your order - You’ll receive an email and text when your order is ready.” and “Order updates - You’ll get shipping and delivery updates by email and text.” I had thought it was typically only a few days. At this point, I’m worried it’ll be delivered while I’m away, then sit out and get ruined in the rain.

I know shipping times change over time, so for anyone who’s received a PG order recently, when did you place your order and when was it delivered?


I ordered some materials on May 23 and received them before June 1. Sorry, I can’t remember the exact date, but it took less than a week.

My order finally arrived. Ordered on 5/30, delivered on 6/20. One piece missing – I still need to email customer service about this.

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