Shipping time on PG Material?

Is it normal for PG Material orders in the shop to go 2-3 days before shipping? I ordered some stuff on Friday and haven’t seen any kind of confirmation yet. What’s the normal shipping lead time on materials? Is there any other source for this kind of material that you guys have found to be great?

My last order was 4 days order-to-door. (Which I was quite impressed with, especially since it was the holiday season.) Didn’t pay attention to notifications.

My last order was same…4 days from order to delivery in Pensacola FL. I didn’t receive any notification that it had shipped, but I did see the delivery scheduled in my UPS account. Perhaps the same for your? Do you have a UPS account to check to see if it’s already on your way?

Also keep in mind yesterday was a holiday, and they might not have been working. So if you ordered late enough Friday to not hit shipping, today could be the first day it was even able to be done.


Where are you located? Orders come from two different locations for proofgrade if I remember correctly. All of my proofgrade has come from Tennessee going to Virginia Beach and shows up 2 days later from time that it is processed.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’ve followed up on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.