Shipping timeline now that shipping has begun

I’ve just been given the option to have my Glowforge shipped. Hurray!
Unfortunately, I will not be able to accept delivery during the week of Thanksgiving (next week).
Does anyone know what the likely ship time from “Ship Now” to delivery will be? The delivery location is NYC. The “up to six weeks” window is a little vague.

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It will be 2-3 weeks at least, you should be fine. I got my ticket 2 weeks ago and I have not received my UPS notification that it has shipped yet. If you just got your email, there is no way IMO that it will arrive next week.

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Golden email on October 27th … shipping notification from UPS on November 14th … expect delivery on the 21st … Basic = 25 days. :sunglasses:


I received my golden ticket email on 10/27. I received my proofgrade materials last Thursday, but my GF Pro has not shipped yet. Hoping it ships by the end of this week.

Most people have been saying it arrives around 3 weeks after the golden ticket email, but unless MyUPS is not picking up the shipment, mine will be closer to 4 weeks before it arrives (I’m on the east coast, so it will take a week to ship cross country).

Not a chance you will get it Thanksgiving week. I too responded to the email in October and still haven’t heard a peep. I expect it will ship while I’m out of town so I understand your concern.


I’m getting mine next week and it was about 3.5 weeks. There is no chance they will get you yours in 1 week, so you’ll be fine.

I concur with all the others. It should be safe to accept.

And, congratulations!!!

Thanks for asking! When your Glowforge ships, we’ll send tracking information right away.

If you won’t be home on the day your tracking information projects delivery, please contact UPS and arrange another delivery time through the UPS My Choice program.