Shipping to Germany

I bought my Glowforge on the 29th of Nov. 2018. I am concerned that I still do not get any information about my shipment. The only response was I will get an email notification with a tracking number.
Anybody from Europe with a Glowforge?
Thanks and have a good start in the week.


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There are lots of owners in Germany…

Normally you have an estimated shipping date listed in your account, but in general you should be patient :wink: As a kickstarter backer I waited 2,5 years for my machine but it was worth waiting.
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Thanks for your reply!
2,5 years? How can that be😳

It was a kickstarter project, and it always takes a while until you get your item. But for this one I waited really long and the air-filter still didn´t arrive yet. Ordered and paid in october 2015…

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Oh. That is a long story.

Communication is sometimes delayed with support. But they will always make it right.

Welcome to the forum. So much information here.


That was for the first round of machines. It’s not what you should expect. They’ve been in normal production mode like any other company for most of this year. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you go to your account page on their website and click on your email on the top it should take you to your predicted ship date.

While the logistics if shipping to some places internationally (Australia, Asia, etc) are still a challenge they’ve been shipping to the EU countries for some time now and that shouldn’t be an issue for you either


oh, so long. Well I wish us good luck, and maybe we get them soon.

Hi and thanks. They have answered my email from yesterday but with no info. I guess I will have to wait ;(

Hi & thanks. Your message gave me a bit of relief. But I am so impatient.

WOW! there are a lot of people with GF in Europe! I just new about it in Nov. :blush:
Thanks for the INFO.

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