Shipping Verification Pages

Noted a typo on the pages:

[quote]Recognize Materials

The onboard cameras automatically detect Proofgrade™ materials to automatically configure power, speed, focus, and other settings. Just pick “cut” or “engrave” and every print comes out perfectly.

Yes! To paraphrase one of our customers: “Proofgrade makes things fire and forget; just choose ‘cut’ or ‘engrave’ and push the button”.
To Do:

Recognize devices like Macbooks and iPhones. Proofgrade materials do not yet have UV barcodes, but have visible barcodes instead. Als

Choose variations like light, medium, or dark engraving to customize the look of your design.[/quote]

Notice at the end of TO DO a sentence appears to try starting with “Also…” but doesn’t make it past the ALS (so few do)

[quote]Safe for schools

The Glowforge Basic is a Class 1 laser product.
To Do:

NRTL listing will be completed for later production runs (see next page for details).[/quote]

Seems like the August update with added safety information about the PRO unit should justify adding a note to this section.


Set up your Glowforge anywhere with strong Wi-Fi signal (2.4 GHz b/g/n). Easy setup from your web browser.

To Do:

There is not yet support for Wi-Fi signals that require you to access a web page before connecting, like hotel Wi-Fi often does.

Works on slow connections. If the connection comes and goes, your Glowforge automatically reconnects.[/quote]

I wish this section specifically mentioned Enterprise WPA2 connection capability, in either the “works” or “doesn’t work” section. As knowing that will save me from having to test the machine at work, and then bring it home by myself if it proves incompatible.

We’re sorry there was an error on the page. Please refresh and try again
Whoops! There was an error.
We are on it. Please try again later.[/quote]

And this is what I saw when I finally clicked “NEXT” at the bottom. Possibly it timed out because I was busy reading and posting? (EDIT: This one appears to be on my end, lost connection)


cert based wifi auth types would be good as well


Congrats Jacob! So looking forward to what you do with a Glowforge. Thanks for sticking with this and being such a great member of the community.


Bummer about the typo, but CONGRATS on shipping notification! :slight_smile:

Soon, sooon…


Yippie!!! Your Glowforge is on the way!! Congratulations!


Fantastic! So glad you are finally getting yours.


Thanks Jacob for the detailed reading! I’ll make sure your feedback gets to the right person. Regarding Enterprise WPA2, Glowforge doesn’t currently support it, but we do have it in the firmware roadmap.