I’d like to know when my unit will be shipped. Is there a way to tell where my order is in the queue?

@takitus great idea, I looked back at mine on the 24th sep 16:36(UK) and I’m order: ?

Guess I was too early for it to know? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll wait to see if they release this info.(hopefully)

That is very, very clever.

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Just over 3000. :slight_smile: Wonder what the last “order_id” was?

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Ordered mine Oct 23rd, got an order id a little above 7000.

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~3500, ordered on 10/15. I’ve got no problems with being in the middle!

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ordered on the 17th # 4059…

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Wow 7000. Just curious, what time did you order (time zone too)? It would be cool to get enough data from buyers to make a little timeline graph and know how much they sold on Friday

Yeah I’m wondering that to. If we knew the first and last every day it would be pretty sweet :wink:

Oh this is killing me, I can’t find it in my browser history. I think I ordered around October 8th though, when the total was closer to a measly $5M ( :wink: ) so fingers crossed I’m around front-middle somewhere. And so the waiting begins… time to start compiling lists of materials to laser :slight_smile:

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@caseythornton Well you’re in a pretty good spot to make an estimate as @dan gave a breakdown of the first weeks spread. With 5mil coming from: 23% basic, 29% basic + air, 48% pro we can guess there’s a little more than 1750 people in front of you (if the total doesn’t include shipping costs).

With that in mind and people showing IDs of around 7000 you’re definitely up there in line. Wish I would have found glowforge sooner because I’m already on the edge of my seat waiting for it. It’s gonna be a long few months! Haha


Sadly, I can’t find mine in my browser history but I know I’m in the first 20 orders. I ordered the morning of September 24th and the counter on the site was at roughly $30,000 when I placed my order. :smile:


Awesome. I’m gonna guess that I’ll be around 2000ish in that case then :smile:

It’s going to be a long wait, I want it now!.. Although I have no idea where to fit it inside my tiny apartment.

you lucky dog, you! ive never been to seattle before, but it makes me want to go visit so I can get to play with one at least once during the wait so I dont lose my mind. Youll have to give us all the details as soon as you get yours! I bet if you started your own youtube channel with reviews and tutorials youd get a lot of traffic

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get rid of the microwave. you can just laser all your food warm, and itll come out in cooler shapes. haha

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I ordered mine on 10/23 at a little after 2 am Eastern. My number is just over 7200.

I ordered mine on 10/23 as well around 8:00AM EST and I’m just over 7300.

This is curious…I ordered 3 days earlier than mccormickmania…on the 14th…and my number is 6005. And Mike13 ordered one day later than me, and has number 3500. Something’s not adding up here.

I’m sure there is always the upgrades and downgrades and cancellations are attributing to these inconsistent order numbers. Basically the earlier order, the quicker fulfillment. I fully expect these to be rolled out in waves. They have yet to announce where these are going to be manufactured. I think this is going to be a BIG announcement and I am hopeful it will be in a facility that is very proficient in scaling up on demand.
I’m not sure where I am in line and am hopeful that my upgrade doesn’t mess up my place in line because I am DYING to get my hands on it. Everyone within ear shot will also be glad when I just stop talking about this. lol

Interesting. Well the rest of them seem to be holding to a pretty accurate estimate, so I’d guess you’re around 3750. Well have to see if anyone else has a strange order_id