Must not have been working that way the first day I have thanks=1 with no order id. Guessing under #300 given the dollar amount at the time.


Yeah, that’s what I see in my browser history too. Good news: We’re both in good shape! :smile:


Hi. I looked at the Glowforge for weeks but only decided to finally buy it in the last 15 hours. I am in the 7600 range. I guess have to wait very long now. But I am happy that I got one in the end. :slight_smile:


Oct 20th - order 8591

Although I am getting the pro model, so that may move me to further to the front, or perhaps the back?

Who Knows :smile:


October 18, midday. 4200s.


Same here - mine just shows thanks=1! Ordered when the counter was around $50,000 on day 1. The counter went from 30k to 50k during the time it took to convince my wife that buying a glowforge was a good idea :slight_smile:


I got 9064 for my Basic and 9067 for my Pro Upgrade order.
This would have been around the then 6pm Friday cutoff time in Seattle.


Thanks to everyone for responding to my question. By the looks of it, I am 4044! I can’t wait to get it.


October 1 - order number 1432. Upgrade on October 23 - order 7086 if this helps anyone.


I ordered on the 25th of sept, my order is "?"
But if I remember the counter was just over 700K which would put me at around 350 if everyone before me only ordered basic which from what I know is not the case. :smile:


I ordered on the day of launch, it was just under $200K at the time. No number, but guessing #70 or so.


You must be in Australia. I ordered at 2:59pm Seattle time on the 24th and the ticker was in the high 700K.


Boston - was before noon PST, right about the time it started popping up on a lot of blogs & news feeds.


I got mine at 9:04 eastern. Not the first, but I think maybe top 50? I don’t think you can use the history trick if you paid via Paypal. Oh well, I know it’s pretty early; here’s hoping before March. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


got my confirmation email Sep 24, 2015 at 2:25 PM central time. Fairly early but… no idea how much/many had been raised/sold by then.


I ordered late on the 25th so no order number, but as I remember the counter was already over $300k! I had some problems with my order so I REALLY hope that my place in line got saved since I did not get formal confirmation until Oct. 2nd. :frowning:


@dan said in an earlier post somewhere that the manufacturing source they’ve chosen is going to be able to make the pro right alongside the basic model, so getting a pro won’t up your chances of getting your Forge any sooner in my assessment.


I ordered Oct 1 as well, but i just got the thanks=1 with no order number. That’s weird, but I’m assuming I’m near your original 1432 number! :smiley:


Order October 19th. ID= 4440. I am overseas in the UK though, so will probably be nearer the rear end of the run. Hopefully don’t have to wait too long though. I have already readjusted my delivery expectations from the end of Q1(which I thought was reasonable) to Q3…that was hard to do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but probably a little more realistic.


On my receipt for my upgrade showed the original order number. My initial email no order number. I triangulated my order number by following everyone else’s browser history.