I seem to be having a little issue with shipping. I ordered a Gloforge basic, on 12/22/2019, for my wife and the expected ship date was 01/18/2020. I have yet to receive it and I cant even get a tracking # for FedEx. I have sent 5 emails to Support@gloforge, Hello@gloforge and I replied back to Ryan F. after he said he was looking into this. I have yet to receive an answer from anyone. The last response I have was from Ryan when he said he was looking into this and that was on 01/18/2020. I am desperate for an answer!!! Does anyone else have this problem???

It’s unfortunate but does happen occasionally. Support can take a few days to respond while they chase down a problem. Posting here is the same as sending an email, so they’ll see it and respond eventually.

It’s also unfortunate but common to receive shipping notifications from the shipper (if you are signed up for them) before you receive a response from GF.

Thank you.

If you are in the US sign up for both of these and you will get a notification any time a company creates a shipping label to your address. You will get this notification well before GF sends anything out.

FedEx Delivery Manager

UPS My Choice

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Thank you very much. I just signed up for both.

We ordered 12-23-19 with delivery estimate of 1-20-20. With no updates since purchase ( in full). I requested an update and a reply 2 days later saying sorry and when he finds any information he will forward it.
Going in I knew customer service/contact was not going to the best…

I may have the same issue. It’s obvious from that I’m not receiving the Glowforge today as estimated, and the estimated delivery (much less shipping) date has never changed since I placed the order. They may have an impressive design, but their business model is lacking in the delivery area. Someone there had better understand the impact to the customer of not having any updated delivery information on their business. In a world where you can get minute by minute info on a package traveling across the globe, and yet you don’t get any update on an order that is a month old?

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It’s very frustrating. I can only hope that it is worth the frustration :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

In my business I ship containers of stone weighing 40,000-50,000 pounds from Turkey to the US. I know within 1 day grace period when that container will be here.I would just like a reply to my emails!!! I feel like I am being ignored.

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I gather from the order date to the estimated delivery date shown in these comments that there is a fixed number of days that are automatically applied to the order date when you place the order. I was curious at how fast they designated the delivery date when I placed the order, and now I know. My order was placed on 26 Dec 2019 and the delivery date is 23 Jan 2020. No one is truly estimating the delivery date based on production times, but are only applying a standard period no matter the production rate. For all we know the true period could be half that or five times that. It’s like sitting in traffic with no idea as to when you might get to where you’re going!

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These machines are built when you order them, they don’t keep a large inventory of machines on hand. And when a lot of people order at once, they can get backordered at the manufacturing facility.

There is no way for them to know how many of each kind of machine will be ordered up front, they don’t have enough history yet, so yes, there can be slight slipping of the shipping dates. Those are an estimate. Not written in stone. Not a promise. And unfortunately, people don’t understand that because we are not used to buying that way now, thanks to outfits like Amazon, who warehouse products.

They are building them as fast as they can, and they are worth the wait, but these machines require careful manual calibration and testing before you receive them, which means there can be some delays if they get an unexpectedly large number of orders. They cannot hire additional people to deal with it temporarily, it requires extensive training. They also have to frequently deal with damage to machines from shipping, so earlier orders have to be satisfied in cases of damage.

To produce more machines, they would have to hire and train more people, which would drive the price of the machine up. So it’s a bit of a Catch-22.

As a fellow customer, I would recommend to anyone who wants one of these but hasn’t ordered yet …order early, well in advance of whatever event you have planned, because they are very much in demand right now. And it’s likely to get worse before it gets better. (And to those who have already placed your orders…Congratulations! Quit worrying, they have not lost the order, if your date recently passed you need to be getting ready for it, get your table set up and venting port set up if you need one, and you are about to have a blast!) :smile:

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Just a bit of perspective on your delivery timeline. The 18th was last Sat. and it was a 3 day holiday weekend, so being at this point only 3 days afterward I would expect you will hear …or see…something soon. Best of luck!


Your explanation makes a lot of sense I feel better now however I wish they would’ve told me this I would’ve ordered earlier I don’t remember reading that anywhere

Dan mentioned it once in the last Live Stream I think, but they don’t know either before it happens, so they can’t warn folks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Communication on the behalf of GF would go a long way to ease many new buyers concerns. It seems they have a large area to improve on here and hopefully they take these comments from new buyers and act on them.


Yes. It still confounds me that there is not some better process to make the period between ordering and receiving delivery less opaque. I’d say most of the time folks get the shipping information in an orderly fashion, but sometimes there are bad gaps. It is unfortunate because the engineering of the Glowforge and the build quality are excellent. The functionality is amazing. Communication sometimes gets stalled though.

At least there is this forum where you can get some perspective. And they will always make it right.


@staxxmfd292, I’m the head of the Customer Success department and I apologize. I’m looking into what happened and why you didn’t get a prompt response to your messages. I’m going to close this thread with the promise that you will receive an email shortly (after I learn a little more) and that I’m also working to make sure that this won’t happen for future customers, too.