Shocking UK delivery support! Still no word from GF

Morning all.

My Glowforge has developed a fault and after running diagnostics with support they suggested purchasing a new car left lens mirror, this occurred as I had a large job on for a local school which I’ve now missed out on due to the machine being down.

They sent and invoice which I paid for immediately and asked if the part ships from the US or UK, I was told UK.

This made me feel relieved as I would get the part fast and paying £8.95 for shipping in the UK that would mean next day shipping for a part the size of a coin.

I’ve chased the support team and store but still nothing has arrived and all I get is “we are sorry we will look in to it” which isn’t good enough when you never get an answer.

Who ever reads this, the service isn’t acceptable as people are using these machines to earn money! I crowd funded this in the initial campaign and have hardly done any hours compared to some users.

I need an answer on when I’m getting my part.
After sales support is something that a company is based on and GF I’m sorry but this is extremely poor. Totally let down


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I certainly understand your frustration.

Glowforge support personnel does not monitor this forum, so I’m afraid this notice will not reach anyone except other Glowforge owners.


It’s also worth noting that even here in the US, parts are not stocked and shipped by Glowforge staff. Everything is outsourced.

Orders are likely transmitted to the company that ships them out, but any issues have traditionally taken some time to resolve as your only contact is with support, who would then have to contact the folks who stock and ship them, wait for them to figure out what’s going on, and communicate back to GF, who then will respond to you.

At times when things go smoothly, you can get materials or parts fairly quickly, but if they don’t, it can be hard to get things resolved in a timely fashion. That applies over here, so I would expect it to be worse over in the UK.


You’re preaching to the choir my friend. We feel your pain.


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