Looking at this Kickstarter campaign made me think one could create their own custom wood shoes, and have marks cut for the binding top cloth very easily with the Glowforge.


Adding some other shoe related links here.

One of the challenges for westerners is not only finding a source for a Japanese style shoe, but sometimes finding one in the right size. This link describes several different traditional sandal styles that I think would be interesting to reproduce.

My sense is that an all wood shoe might be hard on the feet. Thinking of multiple layers to include cork Inc the mix as a way to soften the foot fall. This link highlights info on laser cutting cork.

If we walked more naturally than lazily, it might not be as bad. Oddly after watching the video about that here…somewhere, it occurred to me that women in high heels walk the most natural in a great many societies. The shoe’s designs might not be good around the foot, but the angle and forced toe/heel gait is what the human body was designed to do.

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