Shoji Votive Candle Holder - frosted acrylic too thick for slots?

I prepared all of the materials for the Shoji Votive Candle Holder using proofgrade walnut plywood and medium frosted acrylic. Unfortunately, it appears that the slots which hold the base of the frosted acrylic are slightly too thin for the medium frosted acrylic.

Has anyone else successfully printed this? I assume so, or it wouldn’t be in the catalog.


I’ve made about two dozen of these and never encountered that issue.

The two gotchas with this design for me were making sure the wood panels weren’t pulled in toward the center, and that all the acrylic panels were facing the same way – rough side out. This ensures that the tabs line up correctly, since they aren’t symmetric.

Good luck!


Thanks for confirming that it worked for you. Would you mind measuring the thickness of your proofgrade medium frosted acrylic? Mine is 0.130" thick. I wonder if this sheet is slightly thicker than expected.

Random piece from stash varied from 0.128 to 0.132 from end to end, within the stated tolerances.

Thanks for checking!

I made another one this afternoon and measured the width of the slot that is intended to receive the tabs from the medium frosted acrylic. The slots in the walnut are only 0.119" wide, while my acrylic is 0.130-0.131" thick.

I could easily measure the intended size myself if we were able to download the designs we purchase through the catalog. Looking forward to support’s response.

I’m sorry for the trouble you ran into with this design. I’ve replied to the email that you sent, so I’m going to close this thread.